Test Network Modernization (TNM)



Current test networks have evolved in response to the mission needs of U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) test center customers, tighter coupling of computational activities, decreased timeframes, and the exponential growth of instrumentation data.  These dynamics place more demanding requirements and operational dependencies on ATEC’s networks to support future projects and test scenarios for ATEC’s Customers. 


ATEC Test Centers (TC) have identified shortcomings in their test networks in need of modernization due to end of life, bandwidth limitations, redundancy issues and network management system; establishing the Test Network Modernization (TNM) project to field an enterprise test network capability to meet the stated need while leveraging commonality where applicable to realize procurement and sustainment cost savings. The enterprise consists of the following TC:

  • Aberdeen Test Center (ATC)
  • Electronic Providing Grounds (EPG)
  • Redstone Test Center (RTC)
  • White Sands Test Center (WSTC)
  • Yuma Test Center (YTC)

Enterprise solution is common equipment across five Test Centers (Core, Distribution, and Edge)

System Interdependencies


Program Status

Completed acquisition approval on 26 June 2017 and evolving procurement strategies.

Projected Activities

Acquisition of network equipment

Foreign Military Sales



  • Advanced IT Concepts, Inc. (Winter Springs, FL)