Telemetry System Modernization (TSM)



To replace current legacy telemetry equipment at four Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) Test Centers: Aberdeen Test Center, Redstone Test Center, White Sands Test Center and Yuma Test Center. This effort addresses the current and future telemetry requirements of ATEC customers and mitigates the risks associated with aging infrastructure, spectrum reallocation and capability shortfalls according to each test center’s specific needs.


Department of Defense (DoD) test programs require telemetry data collection to support measurement, verification and validation of system performance. Telemetry systems are a core capability for supporting testing at ATEC test centers. Telemetry data is collected from airborne and ground vehicles for assessing health and status (e.g., temperature, 1553 bus data, video, pressure, power, vehicle dynamics, etc.). Telemetry data is also collected from ground test articles to provide for engineering assessments and situational awareness of sight and weapon pointing angles, as well as real-time Time Space Position Information (TSPI), video, and aircraft bus information, which are essential for flight safety assessments. Telemetry provides customers with real-time information on test performance and recorded information for post flight data analyses. Whether it is tracking a missile, rocket, munition, helicopter, airplane, airdrop package, or a ground vehicle; telemetry systems are needed to collect and process critical test and evaluation data for Army Program Executive Offices and various other ATEC test center customers.

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