Technology and Industry Liaison Office (TILO)

The TILO function provides the interface with PEO STRI’s industry partners. This critical activity expands PEO STRI’s awareness of existing and emerging industry capabilities the PMs may use to enhance their support in meeting Warfighter requirements. It also assists our industry partners in doing business with PEO STRI by outlining the PEO’s mission, goals, structure, acquisition processes and provides insight for business opportunities.

Industry is encouraged to submit requests to provide capability briefings; for command group meetings; and for technology ideas to the TILO office using the formats as listed below:

Note: Small businesses should coordinate with the OSBP prior to contacting or submitting requests through the TILO.

Contact Information

12211 Science Dr.
Orlando, Florida 32826-3276
P: (407) 384-3773
F: (407) 384-3773