Special Operations Forces Range Upgrades (SOFRANGES)



There is no substitute for live fire training to prepare for dismounted combat.  Live fire training introduces potentially lethal consequences and increases stress levels desirable for attaining peak performance in training and later in combat.  Increased stress levels, coupled with increased skill attainment, produces better trained soldiers.  The moving virtual targets used in SOFRANGES provide:

  • Higher levels of immersion (graphical realism) increasing suspension of disbelief and replicating combat stressors
  • Versatility of game-based imagery to train marksmanship, Close Quarter Battle (CQB) skills, target discrimination, tactical movement, adaptive thinking
  • Live entities or Artificial Intelligence increasing training scenarios to an infinite number of outcomes
  • Distinct training and cost advantages


The portfolio provides live, virtual and mixed-reality engagement capabilities for the special operations community. Many of the projects leverage emerging technologies and state-of-the-art virtual capabilities to augment existing training with video projectors, computers and self-healing screens to provide training versatility against a variety of scenarios. Virtual enemy combatants move freely throughout the scene and allow assault forces to react to animated combatants instead of the standard one corner movement that currently exists in non-virtual shoot-houses.

System Interdependencies


Program Status

  • IDIQ Task Orders ongoing

Projected Activities

  • Live and virtual (Indoor/Outdoor) upgrades and modifications to existing ranges

Foreign Military Sales