Soldier Monitoring System (SMS)



SMS is fully integrated into multiple Programs of Instruction (POI); cadre have gained implicit trust in the system and have developed TTPs utilizing SMS as a risk control tool beyond that envisioned during development.  SMS has reduced personnel recovery time at exercise completion from 5 hours to less than 30 minutes, providing opportunities to end the event early or add additional practical exercises within the same allotted training time -- saving cadre manpower, contractor support costs, and logistics support costs (rations, fuel, utilities, consumables, etc.).


The Soldier Monitoring System (SMS) is designed to provide real-time automated Soldier tracking during live training events.  In developing the specified Vice Chief of Staff of the Army (VCSA) reactive requirement, Soldier Monitoring System (SMS) use has evolved to a proactive, real-time training management resource, where incidences of severely distressed Soldiers and/or emergency recoveries have been replaced by instantaneous situational awareness and refined Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) for interdiction that protect Soldiers, while preserving the realism and assessment intent of the training mission.  The SMS provides real-time geo-locations and records movement for each device, making it capable of providing a “geo-fence” and no motion alerts.  It also has an emergency/ panic button that creates an alarm at the operations center.

System Interdependencies


Program Status

  • Currently fielded to 4 Special Operations Forces (SOF) locations
  • 3Q FY17: Awarded Task Order for Tech Refresh

Projected Activities

  • Additional production for SOF components as requested
  • SMS CPD submitted in late FY 17; expected to be approved as an Army Program of Record.

Foreign Military Sales



  • Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services (Orlando, FL) (Orlando, FL)
  • Raptor Training Services, LLC (Orlando, FL)