Robotics/Unmanned Autonomous Systems (R/UAS)



Provides advanced instrumentation needed by Army test centers including Aberdeen, Redstone, White Sands and Yuma to test and evaluate controlled and autonomous ground and aerial systems.


The Robotics/Unmanned Autonomous Systems (R/Uas) program focuses on the instrumentation needs for testing controlled and autonomous robotic systems in the air and ground domains. Each area presents unique challenges and requirements for data collection. Platforms under test range in size from large, cargo carrying vehicles to hand-held devices. This wide range in platform size implies that a “one size fits all” instrumentation suite is not practical. Testing and tracking air platforms poses an immediate challenge due to size, weight and power (SWaP) limitations. In addition to SWaP limitations and the quantity of platforms, testing will occur in a wide array of scenarios, which presents significant challenges in data acquisition and tracking.

Critical gaps in testing capabilities have been identified. The capabilities needed to meet these gaps are:

  • Precision real-time tracking of systems operating on range.
  • An instrumentation suite that meets the strict SWaP requirements needed to be placed unobtrusively onboard the variety of autonomous systems under test.
  • Instrumented obstacles and perception challenges required to provide a realistic operating environment for testing autonomous ground system capabilities.

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