PEO STRI Overview


Develop, Acquire, Provide, and Sustain Simulation, Training, Testing and Modeling Solutions to Optimize Warfighter Readiness.


Provider of Choice for Simulation, Training and Testing Solutions to Optimize Soldier & Unit Readiness.


We Work For Our Soldiers – It’s The Best Job We’ve Ever Had!

Strategic Goals

Reference PEO STRI Goals, Objectives and Resources. The PEO STRI strategic goals are shown below:

  • Goal 1.0 Align portfolio to Future Training and Testing Priorities.
  • Goal 2.0 Refine and Streamline Organizational Processes.
  • Goal 3.0 Optimize Workforce Capabilities and Well-Being

PEO STRI Contact Information

Public Affairs Office407-384-5224
Industry Customer Contact407-384-3773
General Information407-384-3500