PdL Turn-Key Training Services (TKTS)



Provide turn-key solutions to Army customers for training services contracts through integrated program management, quality control, and risk management.  TKTS is designed to reduce costs to the Army by utilizing efficient management processes to perform services for a larger number of customers with less personnel.


Flight School XXI (FS XXI) Contract

FSXXI Simulation Services provides training services at the US Army Aviation Center of Excellence, Fort Rucker, AL to support:

  • Initial Entry Rotary Wing training
  • Graduate pilot training
  • Collective training
  • Professional Military Education

ARCENT Training Support Service (TSS) Contract

The TSS will provide technical expertise, system operators, maintenance and lifecycle support for the sustainment, operations and support management of numerous Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations (TADSS) within the OCONUS USARCENT Area of Operations (AO).

Enterprise Training Services Contract (ETSC) Contract

  • ARNORTH Defense Support to Civil Authority
  • ARNORTH Joint Chiefs of Staff Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • ARNORTH Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Response Enterprise
  • Joint Modernization Command (JMC) Strategic Planner
  • 5th AR BDE Detainee Operations


Provide turn-key training solutions to U.S. Army customers around the world.

System Interdependencies

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Foreign Military Sales

Refer to PEO STRI Project Lead International Programs Office (PL IPO)