Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Attack Aircraft Shoot-back Capability (OA2SBC)



Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Attack Aircraft Shoot-back Capability (OA2SBC) - The OPFOR Attack Aircraft Shoot-back capability provides a realistic opposing force rotary wing threat.  It replicates a real world threat that can kill and be killed. It provides an offensive "shoot-back" function via a turreted laser and aircraft mounted fire control system for more realistic training of gun, rocket, and missile engagements. It has both day and night capability. The OA2SBC is integrated into the CTC Instrumentation System to adjudicate engagements, and records and transmits training performance data to the tactical analysis facilities for incorporation into after action review (AAR) products.


The Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Attack Aircraft Shoot-back Capability (OA2SBC) program is a two-phased program approach with the first phase fielding basic Tactical Engagement Simulation System (TESS) instrumentation kits for the OPFOR aircraft. This kit provides the ability to be tracked by the Maneuver Combat Training Center-Instrumentation System (MCTC-IS), the capability to be synthetically shot and killed by other instrumented ground and air combat vehicles, and the use of an Electronic Data Manager (EDM) for situational awareness of other OPFOR aircraft and the status of the TESS instrumentation on the aircraft.  The second phase added the offensive shoot back capability. 

System Interdependencies

  • Combat Training Center - Instrumentation System (CTC-IS)
  • Instrumentable – Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES)

Foreign Military Sales



  • Airbus Group (Grand Prairie, TX)
  • Inter-Coastal Electronics (Mesa, AZ)