M109A7 Howitzer Crew Trainer (HCT)



PdM Self Propelled Howitzer Systems has identified the need for a Howitzer Crew Trainer (HCT) device to accurately train Soldiers on the new M109A7 Self Propelled Howitzer (SPH).


  • The primary users of the HCT will be Field Artillery Officers and Cannon Crewmembers, (MOSC 131A and MOS 13B)
  • The HCT will be a new system and not an upgrade of the existing M109A6 HCT’s. The HCT will train M109A7 howitzer crews to execute indirect fire missions using information provided by the Instructor/Operator stations acting as the Fire Direction Center and Forward Observers (FO)
  • The M109A7 HCT is a stand-alone trainer with no requirement to be interoperable with other HCT’s or other TADSS

System Interdependencies

  • Product Manager Self-Propelled Howitzer Systems (PdM SPHS)
  • U.S. Army Capabilities Manager (ACM) and Brigade Combat Team (BCT) Fires

Foreign Military Sales