Learning Strategy, Tactics and Technology (LSTT)



Reduce preventable pre-hospital battlefield deaths through innovative learning models aimed at improving readiness and performance of deployed military medical personnel.


Deployed Medicine seeks to transform the current trauma training process into a robust enterprise-level learning health system. The main objective is to deliver a multi-media digital content on-demand via mobile technology in a way that engages the medical workforce and supports continuous life-long learning.

System Interdependencies


Program Status

  • Providing TC3 Content through widely available free Deployed Medicine App
  • Building learning services into the learning model and platform
  • Program launched in July 2016
  • Both JETS and POINTS have an LMS requirement
  • Candidate for FY16 NDAA Section 804 Middle Tier Acquisition

Projected Activities

  • FY19-FY23: Projected initiation and development

Foreign Military Sales

Deployed Medicine is currently available for free online in the Apple and Google Play App Stores.


  • Allogy (Stratham, NH) (Stratham, NH)
  • University of Miami (Miami, FL) (Miami, FL)