Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Capability-Instrumentation System



To provide a transportable and self-supported instrumentation system that provides training for the Brigade Combat Team and below. Performs the end-to-end mission functions of Exercise Planning, System Preparation, Exercise Management, Monitoring, and Control. Training Performance Feedback through onsite After Action Review (AAR) and unit Take Home Packages.


Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Capability-Instrumentation System (JPMRC-IS) is an Army Mission Command System centric “system of systems” that includes integrated computer software and hardware, work stations, databases, voice and video recording, production and presentation equipment and interfaces capable of providing CTC-like training. The JPMRC-IS supports exercise planning, exercise management, training performance feedback and collection of Tactical Engagement Simulation data and includes an observer controller communication system. JPMRC-IS is a key part of the Live Training Transformation-Family of Training Systems (LT2-FTS) leveraging advanced technology in a modular and component-based manner.

System Interdependencies


Program Status

ACAT III; Production and Deployment

Projected Activities

Enable realistic Army, Joint and Multinational Home Station Training across the full spectrum of conflict at fixed and exportable training sites within the Pacific Theater.  Provides Instrumentation capability to the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR) to collect near real time exercise data to inform After Action Reviews (AARs), provides the ability to exercise increased maneuver control, and provides objective training performance feedback in a deployable package.  Significantly enhances regional readiness by keeping units and their equipment in the USPACOM AOR available to the United States Army, Pacific Command (USARPAC) Commander and will enhance joint and multinational training opportunities throughout the Pacific theater.

Foreign Military Sales



  • General Dynamics Mission Systems (Orlando, FL)