Embedded Training (ET)



The Project Manager, Soldier Training (PM ST) will enable the ability for Army ground combat vehicle systems to adopt Embedded Training (ET) by supporting the development of ET support tools, common standards, specifications, protocols, & hardware and software components.


PM Soldier Training will make use of the ET Working Group (ETWG) to understand, coordinate, and recommend ET specifications and training technologies for Army platforms. The ETWG is comprised of PEOs, ATEC, CCDC, TRADOC, academia, and industry partners. The ETWG promotes learning and understanding related to how embedded simulation and instructional technologies can enhance individual, crew, and unit collective mission readiness now and into the future for legacy and future ground combat platforms.

System Interdependencies

  • Common Training and Instrumentation Architecture (CTIA)
  • Live Training Engagement Composition (LTEC)
  • Multi-Functional Vehicle Port (MFVP)
  • Universal TADSS Adaptor-Vehicle (UTA-V)
  • Victory Architectures

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