The CFFT Immersive system supports ground combat readiness by providing a highly realistic training environment for advanced training in calls for fire and close air support for Fire Support Specialists, Joint Fires Observers, and other Soldiers.  While each module can be used individually, the use of the total system in a collaborative training scenario provides a methodology for training units in advanced procedures and scenarios.


The Call For Fire Trainer (CFFT) Immersive System is designed to provide realistic training in support of all indirect fire and close air support mission tasks at the Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, OK.

The CFFT Immersive System augments the existing training capability of the base CFFT III system by training soldiers in advanced mission scenarios and delivery of fires using an immersive, interactive, virtual training environment. The CFFT III Immersive System is a collection of eight modules that realistically replicate three different environments.

System Interdependencies

  • One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF)
  • Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core)
  • Forward Observer Software (FOS)
  • Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS)

Program Status

  • 3Q FY12: Technical refresh contract award
  • 1Q FY13: Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
  • 3Q FY13: Critical Design Review (CDR)
  • 1Q FY15: Test Readiness Review (TRR)
  • 1Q-3Q FY15: Government Acceptance Test (GAT) of the CFFT III baseline
  • 4Q FY15-2Q FY19: Technical refresh of the Immersive System

Projected Activities

  • 2QFY19: Complete Technical Refresh
  • 4Q19: Transition to Sustainment

Foreign Military Sales



  • TJ, Inc. (Christmas, FL)
  • Nova Technologies (Panama City, FL)