To provide a collective training capability for the CH-47D/F (Chinook) and the UH60A/L/M (Blackhawk) airframes at the Combat Training Centers (CTCs), aviation home stations, ranges and deployed locations.


The Aviation Tactical Engagement Simulation System (AV TESS) is an advanced training system developed for the CH-47/UH-60 aircraft to support force-on-force and force-on-target live training at the CTCs, aviation home stations and ranges. AV TESS consists of components provisioned on the aircraft (A-kit) and components appended to the aircraft (B-kit) that interface with an Instrumentation System (IS). Digitization of the UH-60 and CH-47 series aircraft require modifications of AV TESS B-Kit components, specifically installation brackets, cable lengths, and connection interfaces between the existing Modular SMart Onboard Digital Interface Device (MSMODIM) and the aircraft. Like the LBA TESS, the CH-47/UH-60 TESS is tracked using a telemetry network, repeaters and ground station. AV TESS displays live training events in real time and enables trainers to capture live training exercises for after action review. AV TESS simulates Chinook and Blackhawk situational awareness, location and the ability to be acquired by weaponry to be shot and/or shot down during a weapons engagement.

System Interdependencies

With Other Products Listed in this Publication

  • Combat Training Center-Instrumentation System (CTC-IS)
  • Digital Range Training System (DRTS)

Program Status

  • 2Q FY15: Completed fielding of 40 UH60M TESS kits

Projected Activities

  • FY17: Upgrade to the Advanced SMart Onboard Data Interface Module (ASMODIM) to enhance capability
  • FY18 – FY19: Procurement and fielding of an additional 108 TESS Kits to support UH-60 A/L/M and 48 TESS Kits to support CH-47D/F for HomeStation Training

Foreign Military Sales



  • Inter-Coastal Electronics (Mesa, AZ)