Field OPS


Execute the AR 350-38 Army Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS) Maintenance Program for Program of Record TADSS. Provide an integrated maintenance and sustainment contract for Army TADSS, Instrumentation Systems (ISs) and ranges funded directly by the Department of the Army.


The ATMP Contract will provide the U.S. Army a seven-year training services contract providing worldwide maintenance, operations and support for TADSS that will begin 3Q FY17. It will provide training services integrally related to Army Program of Record (POR) TADSS maintenance directly funded by the Department of the Army. The ATMP Contract will be a single award based on market research, cost analysis, and mission requirements and will be competed through full and open competition. It excludes customer-funded training services not integrally related to POR TADSS maintenance. The program will ensure that all of the specified TADSS are maintained and updated in accordance with mission requirements and constraints. The ATMP Contract will have Field OPS Program Management and contract oversight.

System Interdependencies

Project Managers Integrated Training Environment (PM ITE); Training Devices (PM TRADE); and Instrumentation, Targets, and Threat Simulators (PM ITTS) provide life cycle updates to associated TADSS to include concurrency, technical refresh, and obsolescence upgrades. These efforts assist Field Operations with extending TADSS useful life and lowering sustainment of fielded systems. ATMP provides detailed maintenance, sustainment, and engineering analysis of fielded TADSS to the PMs to form life-cycle investment decisions and development efforts for future TADSS.

Program Status

ATMP is planned to be a seven year, single award, IDIQ contract

Projected Activities

3Q FY17: ATMP is scheduled for Contract Award

Foreign Military Sales

ATMP may be used to maintain FMS TADSS identical to Army Program of Record (POR) TADSS where it will provide economies of scale