Army Ground Aerial Target Control System (AGATCS)





The AGATCS is a system of systems providing a reliable and robust capability for the remote control of unmanned target vehicles for the Army in support of weapon systems test and evaluation. The AGATCS consists of the aerial, ground, and seaborne target ground control station, aerial avionics packages, ground vehicle control module (VCM), Surface (ground/seaborne) Target Instrumentation (STI) kits, target test sets, and a simulator/trainer. AGATCS incorporates all TMO targets, making it the primary target control system for ground, aerial (subscale, full scale, and rotary wing), seaborne, UAS, and SUAS targets for the Army.

System Interdependencies


Program Status

  • 2Q FY15: Development of Model 59 Block II test set (MQM-178A, BQM-167, BQM-177 I/O); Development of AGATCS radio frequency module (RFM) for new frequency band (358-380 MHz)
  • 3Q FY16: Received AGATCS TCRD v3 from ATEC to add SUAS and interface for real time casualty assessment;
  • 4Q FY16: Began Fifth Generation Aerial Target (5GAT) integration
  • 1Q FY17: Conducted AGATCS New Equipment Training (NET) for ATEC range personnel at Eglin AFB, FL
  • 2Q FY17: Began Full Operational Capability (FOC) I fielding to Army Test & Evaluation Command (ATEC) Test Centers
  • 2Q FY18: Completed FOC1 fielding and NET

Projected Activities

  • FY18
    - Complete Ground Class III target vehicle integration
    - Begin Seaborne target control Block II software modification
    - Migrate to Windows 10 operating system and upgrade hardware
  • FY19
    - Begin full scale target (QF-16) integration
  • FY20
    - Full scale target IOC
  • FY21
    - Full scale target FOC

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  • Micro Systems, Inc. (Mary Esther, FL) (Mary Esther, FL)