Aerial Target Flight Services (ATFS)



To provide an affordable, quick-reaction, turn-key target hardware and aerial target operations for weapon system test and training capabilities to the U.S. Army, DoD and international customers.


A DoD Value Engineering Achievement Award-winning program, ATFS provides complete operational capability to support U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery training and tri-Service research, development, and test and evaluation requirements for a variety of weapons systems. A variable array of subsonic, reusable, affordable, and fixed-wing target drones (MQM-178A, BQM-34, MQM-107 and BQM-167) are flown at various speeds, altitudes and profiles to support tracking missions and live-fire engagements for live training and testing environments. Ballistic Aerial Targets (BATS) are also available to meet DoD training and testing needs.

Unique augmentation devices are used to meet specific weapons system requirements, including scoring devices for missile miss-distance and bullet counting, cruise missile profile replication, radar cross section enhancement devices, flare and electronic countermeasure pods, and various towed targets to offset drone kill costs. Single or multiple flight requirements can be supported, including simultaneous target sorties and flight formation profiles.

System Interdependencies

  • Aerial Targets
  • Army Ground Aerial Target Control System (AGATCS)

Program Status

  • FY 18: Support to Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (C-RAM) using the MQM-178 target. Support to Japan and Ft. Bliss, TX on a continual basis.
  • FY 18: Support Lower Tier Project Office (LTPO)  and Field Surveillance Program (FSP) with multiple missions using the BQM-167, MQM-178 and MQM-107 targets.

Projected Activities

  • FY 19: Examine alternative target systems  to replace or supplement current target inventory in an effort to continue to provide affordable Aerial Target missions in the future.

Foreign Military Sales

Egypt, Japan, Korea, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Taiwan and Turkey


  • Systems Application & Technologies, Inc. (Ft. Rucker, AL) (Ft. Rucker, AL)
  • Micro Systems, Inc. (Northbrook, IL) (Northbrook, IL)