PEO STRI Overview


Develop, Acquire and Sustain Simulation, Training, Testing and Modeling Solutions to Achieve Army Readiness


Provider of Choice for Adaptive Training and Testing Environments to Optimize Soldier Performance


Putting the power of simulation into the hands of our Warfighters.

Strategic Goals

Reference PEO STRI Goals, Objectives and Resources. The PEO STRI strategic goals are shown below:

  • Goal 1.0 Provide STRI capabilities to support Decisive Action operations.
  • Goal 2.0 Ensure capabilities meet the needs of the Integrated Training and T&E environments.
  • Goal 3.0 Develop a workforce with expert level acquisition, technical and leadership skills.
  • Goal 4.0 Promote and sustain excellence in the execution of contracting activities.

PEO STRI Contact Information

Public Affairs Office407-384-5224
Industry Customer Contact407-384-3773
General Information407-384-3500