To simulate live weapon training events that lead to individual and crew-served weapons qualification including collective and escalation of force exercises in a controlled environment, while providing detailed feedback to the fire-team/squad that covers the fundamentals of marksmanship and/or fire control and distribution of fires.


The EST is the unit/institutional, indoor, multipurpose, multi-lane, small arms, crew served and individual anti-tank training simulation that enables training across three different modes - individual marksmanship, small unit (collective) gunnery and tactical training and judgmental use of force (shoot/don’t shoot), which includes escalation of force/graduated response scenarios. The EST provides the capability to build and sustain individual marksmanship, squad and team fire distribution, and control and judgmental use of force skills using computer-generated imagery and video. Deploying units use EST to maintain skills when they are not able to conduct live-fire training. EST marksmanship qualification standards and collective scenarios are validated by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).

Capabilities include:

  • Small arms (pistol, rifle, carbine, and grenade launcher) simulators
  • Medium, crew-served weapons (M240B and M249 Semi-Automatic Weapon) simulators
  • Shoulder-fired munition (AT4 and M141 BDM) simulators
  • Heavy machine gun (M2 and MK-19) simulators

System Interdependencies

With Other Products Listed in this Publication

  • Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core)
  • Virtual Battle Space (VBS)

Program Status

  • 3Q FY14: Base Award
  • 1Q FY15: System Readiness Review
  • 3Q FY15: Preliminary Design Review
  • 4Q FY15: Critical Design Review

Projected Activities

  • 3Q FY16: Prototype evaluation
  • 1Q FY17-2Q FY19: Technical Refresh EST systems

Foreign Military Sales



  • Cubic Global Defense (San Diego, CA)
  • Meggitt Training Systems, Inc. (Suwanee, GA)