To instrument the Observer Coach/Trainer (OC/T) and Opposing Forces (OPFOR) Lakota UH-72A aircraft at the three Maneuver Combat Training Centers (MCTCs) with Tactical Engagement Simulation System (TESS), provide a synthetic weapons capability for the OPFOR aircraft and to collect and relay position location and TESS event data from the OPFOR aircraft to the Maneuver Combat Training Centers Instrumentation System (MCTC-IS).


CTC Aviation is a two-phased program where the first phase fielded basic TESS instrumentation kits for the OC/T and the OPFOR aircraft. The second phase is the assimilation of an offensive weapons capability for the OPFOR aircraft. This is commonly known as “shoot-back” capability and will provide simulated missiles, cannon and rockets on the OPFOR aircraft.

Additionally, the phase 1 and 2 capabilities are integrated into the Instrumentation Systems at all three MCTCs so the Training Analysis and Feedback (TAF) analysts can monitor the near-real-time position location and Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System events that occur between the OPFOR aircraft and other ground vehicles and in-flight aircraft, and use the data to prepare After Action Reviews (AARs) to provide feedback to the units in training.

System Interdependencies

Other Major Interdependencies

  • MCTC-IS at all three MCTCs, along with the aviation communications network and the Observer Controller Communications System

Program Status

  • December 2010: Phase 1 Fielded

Projected Activities

  • 2Q-4Q FY16: Phase 2 - Fielding
  • February – September 2016: First article aircraft fielding and 11 aircraft retrofits

Foreign Military Sales



  • Airbus Group (Grand Prairie, TX)
  • Inter-Coastal Electronics (Mesa, AZ)