To provide realistic observed fire training in support of all indirect fire and close air support mission tasks.


To provide realistic observed fire training in suCFFT III is a hardware and software upgrade to the CFFT II. The CFFT family of systems is a lightweight, rapidly deployable, observed fire training system that provides simulated battlefield training for Fire Support Specialists (FSS), Joint Fires Observers (JFO) and other Soldiers. The system provides simulated battlefield training to conduct Indirect Fires, Close Air Support, Close Combat Attack, and Naval Surface Fire Support. The CFFT III operates utilizing the Joint Fires Product Line (JFPL) architecture, which is modular and scalable in design.

  • Trains FSS, JFO, and other Soldiers in critical fires and close air support tasks
  • Base system trains and sustains JFO in Type II and III Day/Night/Laser Close Air Support tasks
  • CFFT III with Joint Close Air Support (JCAS) Mod Kit will substitute for two Live Type I, II and III Day/Laser Close Air Support calls for Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) sustainment
  • Trains fixed and rotary wing JCAS, Army rotary wing close combat attack, mortars, and naval gunfire
  • Trains precision effects without the use of precision guided munitions
  • Two configurations: Classroom (1:30) and Transportable (1:4 and 1:12)
  • Operates in stand-alone mode as well as network capable; able to support classified training up to the Secret level
  • Provide virtual terrain databases including Fort Sill, OK, the National Training Center (NTC), Afghanistan, and Korea
  • Develop simulated military equipment for the virtual environment, computer generated forces, and Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) interoperability (e.g. ruggedized hand-held computer, The Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS), Pocket-sized Forward Entry Device (PFED))
  • Modular-system architecture allows for integration with other simulation systemsport of all indirect fire and close air support mission tasks.

System Interdependencies

With Other Products Listed in this Publication

  • Joint Fires Product Line (JFPL) architecture
  • Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core)
  • One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF)

Program Status

  • 1Q FY15: Test Readiness Review (TRR)
  • 1Q-3Q FY15: Government Acceptance Test (GAT) of the CFFT III baseline
  • 3Q FY15: Technical refresh of Classroom Systems

Projected Activities

  • 4Q FY15-1Q FY17: Technical refresh Classroom and Transportable Systems
  • 1Q FY16: Bold Quest 15.2 – Test interoperability with Joint Fires Simulators

Foreign Military Sales



  • TJ, Inc. (Christmas, FL)
  • Nova Technologies (Panama City, FL)