PM TRADE Project Manager Training Devices


To improve Soldier readiness, in peace and war, by leading the life-cycle management of live and virtual training capabilities that enhance the Integrated Training Environment at home stations, Combat Training Centers and deployed locations.

Project Manager Training Devices (PM TRADE) is the Army’s solution provider for training systems - collective instrumented live systems, medical trainers, and virtual solutions. PM TRADE provides U.S. Army Soldiers with realistic training environments and equipment to ensure they are the best trained force in the world.

PM ITTS Project Manager Instrumentation, Targets and Threat Simulators, and SOF Training Systems


Provide and operate effective and relevant test, training and threat capabilities in support of the Army and other customers. Develop, field, sustain and improve high quality mission, training and preparation of systems for Special Operations, Joint Conventional and Coalition Forces that exceed our Warfighters’ requirements.

The Project Manager Instrumentation, Targets and Threat Simulators (PM ITTS) was established in 1990 at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD to provide centralized acquisition for the research, development, production and fielding of test assets and investments in support of U.S. Army developmental and operational testing. PM ITTS is the life-cycle manager of major test instrumentation, aerial and ground targets and threat simulators/systems, and manages the operation and maintenance of targets and threats for developmental and operational tests. PM ITTS executes Army-led programs resourced by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program (CTEIP). In 2015, Product Manager Special Operations Forces Training Systems (STS) joined PM ITTS.

PM ITE Project Manager Integrated Training Environment


Provide relevant integrated modeling and simulation capabilities to achieve Army readiness.

The Project Manager Integrated Training Environment (PM ITE) provides relevant integrated modeling and simulation capabilities to achieve Army readiness. It converges virtual, constructive and gaming products into one organizational structure to ensure maximum benefits are derived from their blended capabilities in concert with live training. PM ITE enables tough, realistic training through the replication of the uncertainty, stress and complexity found in today’s evolving operational environment. PM ITE provides commanders the ability to train the full range of military operations within current or projected training space in large scale home station exercises. PM ITE is comprised of three product offices: Warrior Training Integration (WTI), Maneuver Collective Training Systems (MCTS) and Constructive Simulation Support (CSS)



JPM MMS Joint Project Manager Medical Modeling and Simulation


The Joint Project Manager Medical Modeling & Simulation is responsible for the development, production, test and evaluation, fielding and life-cycle sustainment of integrated materiel solutions in support of medical training requirements across the full Continuum of Care.

The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs created the Joint Project Manager Medical Modeling and Simulation (JPM MMS) in partnership with the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and the Program Executive Office Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) to fulfill the Services' shared medical training requirements across the Continuum of Care. JPM MMS will provide the Department of Defense a centralized total lifecycle management approach for the advanced materiel development and procurement of medical Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations (TADSS) across the Military Health System (MHS).



Field OPS Project Director Field Operations


To provide Integrated Army Training Systems Operations, Sustainment and Training Services Worldwide.

Field Operations Directorate (Field OPS) executes its life-cycle management services to meet U.S. Army and other customer-specific requirements. Field OPS provides worldwide Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS) maintenance, operations, and sustainment plus training support services to U.S. Army Garrisons, Institutions, Combat Training Centers, and deployed areas of operation. It exercises acquisition management, oversight, and quality assurance across the enterprise through its small footprint of acquisition professionals.